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Carlsbad Foundation

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Buying or building a home is one of the major investments that you will ever make.  If you would like to maintain this investment, you will need to maintain your property well. By repairing your foundation, it will be possible for you to address issues as they arise and emerge. When the foundation of your home begins to fail, you need to hire a qualified and experienced masonry contractor.

What Causes Weak Foundation?

One of the reasons why your Carlsbad concrete foundation may begin to falter is as a result of the house beginning to shift and settle. After some time, a house can start sinking into the ground causing cracking. This is particularly the case when it settles in an uneven matter. Concrete slabs may also crack, raising the need for patching. Also, steel pilings and concrete piers will at times become uneven. When this happens, these will need to be adjusted.

Signs of a Faltering Foundation

When you realize that your home’s doors and windows have begun sticking and do not open or close well, this is a sign of a problem. Similarly, when you begin to see cracks in interior or exterior ceilings and walls, it could also be a sign of a problem.

If the floors in your home are uneven, or the walls are leaning or separating, you need to immediately repair the foundation cracks. Where the repairs aren’t addressed fast, this could cause broken sewage or water pipe. This could also cause flooding of the basement and severe damages from earthquakes. Other signs of a faltering foundation include:

  •       Tilting chimney
  •       Buckling, bowing, or collapsing walls

When you notice one or more of these problems, it is advisable to have an inspection done. After the inspection, you should engage a qualified and experienced Carlsbad Masonry contractor to carry out foundation repair.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

Prevent Costly Issues in the Future

The small foundation cracks you see today could be a sign of a more extensive or serious issue in the future. When you see a structural crack occurring in your home, this will only get worse. When foundation repair is done early enough, there are chances of settlement and crack issues getting fixed. This can be done by ensuring that the foundation is back to its original position. This will help to close the crack, realign windows and doors and solve many other issues. A qualified stone masonry contractor in Carlsbad, California can help to rectify the problem.

Restore the Value of your Home

No customers will want to buy a house whose foundation is sagging. Realtors report that when a home has a structural defect, it has to be discounted by 10% to 20% if it will have to be resold. You may even get a willing buyer but the bank may refuse to give a mortgage on the home.

Contact Carlsbad Concrete and Masonry

For all your foundation repair needs, you should get in touch with Carlsbad Concrete and Masonry at (760) 492-6623. We have qualified, experienced, and certified professionals to repair your foundation. We take the necessary care to ensure that there is no disturbance in your landscape during the installation. Once you call us, we will arrange a meeting with one of our experts free of charge.