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Carlsbad Concrete Resurfacing

An image of finished concrete work in Carlsbad, CA.

It is normal for your concrete to show signs of fatigue or becomes damaged due to the various elements it has to endure through time. Usually, the concrete on your patio, driveway, garage floors, pool decks suffers from this ugly look, and local concrete and masonry contractors, like Carlsbad Concrete and Masonry, highly recommend concrete resurfacing for this type of problem.

Inexperienced contractors will immediately urge you to replace your old concrete. But the cost of replacing concrete today can be astronomical, not to mention the time, effort, and inconveniences you have to put in to have your old concrete replaced. At Carlsbad Concrete and Masonry, our crews do not only offer you alternatives and other options, but they will also provide you with other choices, like concrete resurfacing or refinishing in Carlsbad, CA at a very affordable cost. Contact any of our concrete masons and engineers at (760) 492 – 6623 right now and ask for your free estimates. If you need to know more about our other services, like concrete refinishing, stamped concrete, stained concrete, paving, and more, fill out our contact form. We will get back to you shortly.

About Concrete Resurfacing in Carlsbad, California

Local contractors have been using this technique to help their clients save money, and at the same time, save your old concrete. Concrete resurfacing or refinishing is the process of coating your old and existing concrete with micro-topping to bring back its pristine and former look.  This method of restoring old concrete has become increasingly popular among residential and business owners alike. It saves them time and money, and at the same time, reduces their carbon footprints.

Local contractors like Carlsbad Concrete and Masonry can provide clients with quality resurfacing regardless of the project's complexity and size. Our concrete engineers and project managers can sort the problems and identify any issues and can provide you with sane concrete solutions.

Places Where Our Concrete Masons can Resurface Your Concrete:

The problem with concrete is that regardless of the type or quality of cement that you use or how hard you maintain it or protect it, it will eventually deteriorate. Yes, like any other thing, your concrete will show signs of aging. It will have cracks, peels off, fades, etc., even if you have used the most expensive concrete there is in the market today. Even the concrete is found indoors, or even if you have a patio that you do not use frequently, the concrete will still wear off, and concrete resurfacing might be the answer.

Garage Floorings

Your garage floor may look tough, but over time, it will eventually show the beatings it has to endure every single day. From your car or truck to motorcycle, bicycle, sled, and even garden implements and tools, the flooring on your garage will deteriorate in the long run. It will have cracks, it will be chipped off, and fades. Other elements like water, snow, grease, oil, and dust can also hasten your concrete's aging process.

Concrete Driveways

Just like your garage floors, the concrete on your driveway has to withstand the weight of your vehicle. It also has to bear outdoor elements like weather, sands, water, and soil erosion. When left unchecked, it will lead to serious problems in the future. Our crew at Carlsbad Concrete and Masonry strongly suggest concrete resurfacing to avoid damages to your concrete slabs.

Pool Deck and Patio

Although the concrete on your pool deck and patio do not suffer the same fate as those on your garage or driveway, harsh chemicals, heavy foot traffic, and changing weather conditions can greatly affect the façade of your concrete on your pool deck and patio. The concrete on your pool deck is susceptible to cracks and splits due to its extensive exposure to the elements and chemicals. When this happens, it can cause injuries to pool users. The façade of your concrete will also lose its anti-slip capabilities. It can no longer repel the heat during a hot summer day.

Your patio, especially those with outdoor kitchens, has to endure not only with the elements but against fire and heat and from oil and falling objects. Over time, the damage will show and can even cause injuries and inconveniences.

We can handle concrete resurfacing regardless of the location in your property. We extend the same professionalism regardless of the complexity and size of your project.

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is way cheaper as compared to changing the entire concrete. Changing the entire slab can cost you an arm and a leg. So, the first benefit of concrete resurfacing is obviously, huge savings on your part.

Concrete resurfacing also helps your concrete slabs or floorings become more resilient and durable. It can able to resist and endure the physical and chemical elements thrown into it. Resurfacing your concrete is like adding armor to your concrete; thus, prolonging your concrete's life.

Moreover, old and worn concrete can bring the value of your property down. The aesthetic appeal and value can be saved by allowing our concrete masons to resurface your old concrete. This would allow your concrete to be more visually appealing; thus, increase the value of your property. Concrete resurfacing also allows property owners to save time. Changing the entire concrete slabs can take so much time. You may have to wait for it to cure fully before you can use it. Whereas, with concrete resurfacing, you are still going to use your old concrete, which has aged and cured totally, and resurfacing it can make it even stronger.  

To know more about how concrete resurfacing (refinishing) can further help you, call Carlsbad Concrete and Masonry right now. Dial (760) 492 – 6623. You may also fill up our contact form provided. We will be in touch with you soon. Aside from concrete resurfacing, we also provide numerous concrete and masonry services. We install retaining walls, repair driveways, pool decks and patios, stained concrete, and so much more. Call Carlsbad Concrete and Masonry right now and ask for the services that you need.