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Carlsbad Paving Stones

An image of finished concrete work in Carlsbad, CA.

Paving stones are essentially flat pieces of natural stones, rocks, or boulders utilized to create a flat and covered area that is very accessible, like your concrete driveways, patios, stone walkways, concrete pool deck, and usual outdoor floorings. Paving stones can come in various shapes and designs but are more often than not square or rectangles. These are then laid on the ground to evenly cover the surface and make it more appealing and accessible. Carlsbad Concrete and Masonry contractors know exactly how to maximize the use of this natural material for your concrete patios, stamped concrete pool deck, stamped driveways, stone walkways, and parking lots.

Our concrete experts and masons can make it aesthetically appealing without losing its functionality. Moreover, our team of highly skilled masons and concrete technicians are equipped with the latest technology, the right tools and machinery, and techniques. This feature allows them to make your pathway or focused surface really well-designed and very practical. Call any of our concrete for a free quotation. Dial (760) 492 – 6623 right now for more information. Our crew can provide you with the best estimate and even suggest and recommend what type of paving stone materials will best suit your residence or location or what will match your landscape. You can also fill out our contact form if you need to discuss more what we can do for you and your property.

Paving Stones or Concrete Pavers

Our company had been in the business of creating, building, and covering areas with stunningly beautiful pieces of paving stones in Carlsbad, CA. Our highly skilled masons can change your existing concrete pool deck, patios, and any other places in your residence or business into your dream personal haven using beautiful paving stones.  Paving stones have increasingly become very popular among homeowners, businesses, and commercial establishments. It has grown exponentially as a leading outdoor flooring option.

Aside from installing high quality paving stones for all our projects, our concrete masons and engineers can also offer a range of designs and styles to make your space unique and stunning. Just let us know how we can help you by calling one of our crews or by filling out the contact form provided. You can also request an estimate and timeframe by connecting with us today.   

Carlsbad Concrete and Masonry Contractor offer a wide array of paving services by providing our clients with the best concrete and masonry jobs only the most seasoned and experienced masonry and concrete contractor can provide.

Remember, dial (760) 492 – 6623 right now, and let us start discussing your dream project. Guarantee no pressure on your part. We will not oblige you to make any decisions.

Our friendly contractors and concrete experts are equipped with the right tools and only use high-grade materials guaranteed to make the concrete and masonry job work the way you want it to be.  Every paving stone, masonry, and concrete project we have handled, regardless of the size, complexity, and type, guarantees our clients that all are backed by warranties. We also extend the same professionalism to all projects, no matter how big or small.

Not all paver contractors can expertly install high quality paving stones at very reasonable prices. Get the best paving stone installation services only from Carlsbad Concrete and Masonry.

Can Laying Paving Stones Directly on Soil Suffice?

Permanent installations of paving stones need excavating soil and a compacted base, usually gravel and sand. This guarantees you a longer-lasting and level surface. If you lay paving stones directly on dirt, this may be fine temporarily. This, however, will not last very long. Laying the pavers on the soil directly may be enough until you are ready to install the hardscape for a longer time.

If your contractor uses sand underneath instead of the mortar mixture, make sure that the sand is fully compacted. Otherwise, you will end up having uneven and misaligned pavers.

To avoid issues like this or watch over your local contractor when doing paving stones, contact the most reliable and most preferred contractor, Carlsbad Concrete and Masonry. We guarantee high-quality jobs at a very affordable price.  

How Much Will it Cost Me to Install Paving Stones?

First thing first, the price will generally vary from one location to another. It will also depend on the type of material you will use, your project's complexity, the design that you demand, the time frame of your project, and your property's size. But to give an idea, the cost can range somewhere between a dollar and $15 per square foot. Most homeowners, however, have spent $2 to $4 on average. You can always ask one of our crew for an estimate of your project.

So, if you are seriously considering paving stones for your homes or business, make sure to ask our concrete experts if this is the best option for you.

What are the Required Maintenance and Repair for Paving Stones?

When installed over a fully compacted base, your paving stone is almost set for life. It will rarely shift, crack, or settle when used normally. If not properly installed or laid over a poorly compacted base, it will eventually settle in spots, cause misalignment, and cracks can happen. To remedy this, seasoned contractors will reset this by taking the affected pavers, re-compact the base, and return the paving stone to its place. You may also have to ask your contractor if they need to replenish the sand beneath the paving stone every three years.

To maintain your paving stones, routinely remove dirt, mildew, grease, oil, and other elements found on the surface. You can do this either by sweeping, use a pressure washer, or mop. Use a mild cleaning solution only when needed.   

What other Concrete and Masonry Services can We Provide You With?

As a seasoned concrete and masonry contractor in the area, we have successfully handled and completed other concrete and masonry projects, which includes installing an outdoor kitchen, granite, and concrete countertops, concrete resurfacing, concrete overlay, cement framing, stamped concrete, concrete pool deck, retaining wall installation, turf installation and many more.

You may call any of our crew today, and we will discuss how we can make your ideas a reality. You may also drop us a line for a free consultation, or you may send us your details through our contact form. For free estimate or evaluation, call (760) 492 – 6623 today.

We have a long list of satisfied clients and thousands of successful projects under our name. Our company is fully licensed and bonded. And all our crews and workers are trained and equipped with all the latest technology and technical know-how. Carlsbad Concrete and Masonry, we are your leading local concrete contractor today.